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farewell, live journal! [19 Aug 2006|04:23am]
This summer has been one to remember. Met some memorable people, been to some memorable places, seen some memorable shit, and had a memorable time. Valiant will never be the same without Tommy and Adrian. I already miss that kid and his ADHD. I'm glad I still have a couple weeks with Tommy, and I can't wait for the saosin concert. I absolutely cannot wait 'til thanksgiving or winter break, when the triple threat, brett, me, and adrian are reunited. Tommy and Big Goodman, Rachel, and everyone else. God willing, JayHuh will be on leave and join us, if not, the 10 days that he is here for in september will be the whole fucking summer crammed into less than 2 weeks. Maybe horse the band will be in town? Tonight, I said bye to Adrian and Josh, and damn will I miss those kids. As depressing as the night was, it went down perfectly. I couldn't ask for a better time. Adrian, don't get stabbed by your roomie, and remember, if he brings a ghetto TV, il buy you a new one for thanksgiving. Thanks to everyone who influenced my high school career, even in the most minute ways, and I hope to see you all again soon. And I'll be around, with a lot more time on my hands. Between school and work, I won't have a lot going on except following prison break, planning trips to visit people, and finally catching up on my video gaming after 3 months of barely playing. See ya, live journal.

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[16 Jul 2006|01:47am]
Well, I am back, for a few days at any rate, because im goin' to visit brett in L.A. in 4 days, but here are some pictures and stories from the last week.

so i went to this island called saint martin by the french and sint maarten by the dutch, and it was fucking greatCollapse )

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[18 Jun 2006|10:20pm]
People are fucking worthless.

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